Ejari and Tenancy Service in Dubai – How to Register Your Tenancy Contract / Ejari in Dubai

Ejari Service in Dubai

Ejari and Tenancy Service in Dubai enables people or customers to start their own business as well as to start tenancy contracts. Ejari and Tenancy Service in Dubai – Ejari is an online registration system which registers tenancy contracts Dubai. It was introduced by Dubai Land. EJARI is electronic system designed by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency and Dubai Land Department for registering conditions. Tenancy is the  Arabic word which means “My Rent”. It is an online portal for necessary registration of the all tenancy contracts in UAE. The system was introduced in 2009 at the initiative of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority .

As a mandated by the law, every rental procedure must be registered with a system Ejari and Tenancy Service in Dubai can be used not only during registration of  tenancy contract but it is also required during the transfer as well as termination of tenancy contracts. Basically, it involves any process that has to do with any type of tenancy contract in Dubai. UAEVISAPROCESS is the best platform for tenancy contract and Tenancy process.

There are many types of Ejari and Tenancy Service in Dubai that require a mandatory Ejari certificates  for registration, following:

1-Dubai Electricity ,Water Authority  registration

2- The Internet Connection

3- Employing domestics workers

4- Commercial license

5- The Alcohol license


How you register your Ejari’s contracts online?

Sometimes customers or people ask another people about Ejari and Tenancy Service in Dubai, they have no information about Ejari Service.

To register Ejari contract, follow the given steps below:

1-Click our website link to start the process.

2-Click register contract online.

3-Enter all your details as well as make sure they are all right.

4-Upload the required documents that are the landlord’s passport and  Emirates ID.

5-Pay the Ejari fee securely on  page where you were redirected.

You will get your Ejari certificate within 24 hours. Also, you will be given one-week delivery guarantee. 


1-The Tenant UAE Visa, Emirates ID And Passport.

2-Passport Of Landlords.

3-The Tenant  Contract.

4-The Rental  property’s legal deed.

 The landlord as well as the renter benefit from Ejari Dubai scheme. As a renter, you have the right to request   landlord’s background check.

Our rates for Ejari and Tenancy Service in Dubai are quite reasonable and we are always here  to answer the questions of our clients. Our main goal is to provide the finest Ejari service to our customers. Our company’s most valuable asset is the trust as well as enjoyment of our customers. We   promise you that we are top service provider of Dubai. We are the one of Dubai’s top Ejari centres. We hope that people will tell you about our Ejari and Tenancy Service in Dubai and also about the truthfulness and selfless with the customers.


What is Ejari and Tenancy Service?

Ejari renewal is to required every time you renew tenancy contract for your rental property in Dubai. This could be done online by submitting all the mandatory  Ejari renewal documents.

There are many companies in UAE to provide Ejari Service but our company is better to provide Ejari and Tenancy Service in Dubai.

The cost of cancellation is cheap  as well as is usually completed within an hour of submitting all  required documents.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us by phone on

 +971 568201581. We are available here for your help 7 days a week.

Once the owner  has the NOC or cancellation letter, they can either visit any of the Ejari offices in Dubai  for Ejari and Tenancy Service in Dubai or download the cancellation form online and fill in the mandatory details.

What are the advantages of Ejari and Tenancy Service in Dubai?

Ejari system ensures a smooth connection between landlords and tenants. As rental price is recorded, it eliminates fraud and tampering with original documents by either the landlord or tenant. There are many advantages or benefits of having Ejari and Tenancy Service in Dubai. Moreover, it is proof of the validity clamps down on illegal housing and creates transparency in  event of a dispute.

1-Ensures smooth relationship between owner and the tenant.

2-A tenant can analyse  property and the background of the property owner.

3-Prevents fraud and tampering with documents from every sides.

4-Prevents illegal housing and  exploitation of real estate properties.

Ejari and Tenancy service in Dubai


Ejari and Tenancy Service in Dubai is question that  people ask themselves when they plan to visit this beautiful country (UAE) and they want cheap visa online. Ejari is the quickest and simplest way to register  and terminate Ejari rental contracts in Dubai. The complete  process is handled through the Internet at Ejari Online.

Applicants who use Ejari and Tenancy Service in Dubai ,  do not need to go to an Ejari office, a rental agency or take an Ejari training  session. Our Ejari specialists will verify and update your documents, take care of all relevant documents on your behalf, send  documents to RERA  and obtain the registration certificate, saving your  time and hassle.

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